Post Installation

Configuring the System

After installing the Algo SE, you must configure the tt_algose.ini file located in <root drive>:ttconfig. This file contains information related to logins and memberships.

Configuring an Alias

Algo SE servers appear in the network as TT Gateway Order servers, similar to the following.

The ExchNameAlias setting in the X_TRADER aconfig.xml file allows you to customize how Algo SE appears in the Guardian Exchange tree. Customizing the Algo SE name allows you, for example, to provide location-based identifications (e.g., AlgoSE-A (Chicago) or AlgoSE-B (London)). For more information, refer to the TT Gateway Architecture System Administration Manual Version 7.X

Connectivity Tests

No connectivity tests are available for Algo SE.

X_TRADER impliedconfig.cfg Compatibility

Algo SE contains an impliedconfig.cfg file that should be kept in sync with the impliedconfig.cfg file on the X_TRADER client machines that want to use Algo SE. TT strongly advises that customers monitor Customer Advisories and X_TRADER releases for mention of changes to the impliedconfig.cfg file.


: If an X_TRADER release includes updates to its impliedconfig.cfg file, you must upgrade the Algo SE Server. TT strongly recommends that you monitor the Customer Advisories that specifically mention impliedconfig.cfg compatibility between X_TRADER and Algo SE.