Eurex Gateway

Common Issues

Market Data Issues

The following lists common problems with market data management and possible solutions:

  • I do not see any market data populating in X_TRADER®.
    • Verify connectivity to the exchange.
    • Telnet the Price Server connection IP address to ensure that the Eurex Gateway is connected to the exchange.
  • I do not see prices for a particular contract.
    • The Price Server receives market data only for subscribed products.
    • Ensure that the product is listed in the inclusionlist.cfg file.

Connection Issues

The following lists common connection problems and possible solutions:

  • I can telnet the exchange; however, the Eurex Gateway fails to connect.
    • Verify your connection IDs.
    • If you upgrade from an older version of the Gateway, you must obtain new order and price connection IDs from the exchange.
  • The Price Server and/or Order Server does not connect to the exchange.
    • You must obtain a unique set of connection information for the Order Server.
    • Obtain a unique set of connection information for the Price Server.

Interpreting Log Messages

When a client trading application sends a mass delete request to the Eurex Gateway, the Order Server uses round-robin order routing to select a session for sending the request to the exchange.

If the Order Server selects a session without any working orders, the exchange will send a message to the gateway indicating that no orders were deleted. The gateway will interpret this exchange message as an order reject and write the following message to the gateway logfiles:

04.01.2013 17:01:23.724 | 2740 | INFO | 10098022 | Ses.95200561 | RejectAck | sts:8207 C E O Eurex-X FUT FESB 0313 0.0 FESB032013 T:1 W:0 X:0 E:0 F:0 TTGXVTST002 TTGXVTST002 RK: B:0 C:0 ETI2 GTC 00:00:00.000 No:0 sndr: order_id: sok:0904JT033 Disc:0 Min:0 Trig:0 Mod:0 H:0 Key:144115188075855900 OldNo:0 C:0 Ses.95200561 RTT:125 | EX:no orders deleted on session 95200561