About Flexible FIX

Flexible FIX allows users to customize TT’s Financial Information eXchange (FIX) protocol interface for simplifying integration with FIX applications, such as order management and back-office systems. Flexible FIX allows users to remap and inject FIX tags, suppress specific tags and messages, and convert symbology.

Key capabilities include:

  • Tag Remapping. Remap a tag's value to another tag.
  • Tag and Message Suppression. Suppress tags or messages that are not recognized by the TT FIX Adapter or the FIX client application.
  • Tag Lookup. Define a lookup function to remap a tag’s value based on the value in another tag.
  • Tag Injection. Add one or more tags to any inbound or outbound message(s).
  • Symbology. Create symbology mappings for converting to and from alternate symbology sets.

How Do I Use Flexible FIX?

As an administrator, you use the following process to set up Flexible FIX to support your FIX clients:

  • Get a login from TTNET.
  • Log into the Flexible FIX site and create a profile.
  • Create a session by assigning the profile to an existing FIX Adapter.
  • Define Message Rules.
  • Define Tag Rules.
  • Define Symbol Mappings.
  • Review rules using test messages.
  • Save the profile changes and update the session.