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LME Domain Name Service


In Select 7, LME has deployed a new Domain Name Service (DNS). This provides members with the option of using a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN) when connecting to LME. LME Gateway Versions 7.15 and above support this configuration. In LME Gateway Version 7.16.0, the DNS resolver was added.


The LME Gateway DNS solution uses TCP over the standard DNS port, rather than UDP. This should be noted when configuring firewalls.


To configure DNS in the LME Gateway, you must supply the resolver address in the resolver parameter in the [dns] section of the hostinfo.cfg file.


For redundancy purposes, multiple DNS resolvers can be provided in the [dns] section (e.g., resolver0=, resolver1=, etc.).

If this parameter is used, the ExchangeIP parameter in the [OrderServerSession_#] section must be a Fully Qualified Domain Name (FQDN).

If the [dns] section is not populated, the operating system, and not the LME Gateway, will attempt to resolve the domain name to an IP address. In this scenario, system administrators should ensure that DNS records are available to the operating system. While this configuration is supported, it should be noted that message latency can occur if there is an unplanned data center switch during production trading. Additionally, if the [dns] section is not populated, Order sessions may not populate as quickly as Price sessions.


If the [dns] section is present, all ExchangeIP parameter values for both Order and Price sessions must be a FQDN. If the ExchangeIP value is not a FQDN, the session will not connect.


Example hostinfo.cfg file configured for DNS