Support for Accounts

Account Number Field

The MEFF Gateway forwards the contents of the Account Number field to the exchange in all order messages as FIX Tag 1. The gateway accepts and forwards up to five characters. This field is required for order routing.

FFT2 Field

The MEFF Gateway forwards the contents of the FFT2 field to the exchange in new order messages as FIX Tag 58. This value acts as the “Order Reference provided by the Client”. The gateway accepts and forwards up to 15 characters entered in FFT2.

Omnibus Accounts/FFT3 Field

The gateway allows orders to be submitted with omnibus accounts. If you use an omnibus account, you must provide the omnibus account number in the FFT3 field of X_TRADER®’s Customer Defaults.

The MEFF Gateway forwards the omnibus account number to the exchange as if the omnibus account was your normal account. This allows the user to use their normal account field for internal identification purposes.

Additionally, for all order confirmations and fills, the MEFF Gateway displays the omnibus account number in X_TRADER®’s FFT3 field and provides the trader’s original account number in the Account field.

Exchange API Mapping

Account numbers are required for all orders. The MEFF Gateway supports account data from the Account#, FFT2, and FFT3 fields in X_TRADER®, and maps it to the following FIX protocol messages sent to the exchange.

MEFF Exchange API Mapping


Sent to Exchange as FIX Message...


Mandatory for Order Routing?

Account#Tag 1-Account

Used for entering the individual account name/number (up to 5 characters).



Tag 58-Text

Free text (up to 15 characters).



Tag 1-Account

Used for entering an omnibus account (up to 5 characters). If entered, the FFT3 value is sent to the exchange as Tag 1 instead of the Account# value. Both values appear in the X_TRADER® Order and Fill window.


Account Codes

MEFF does not utilize account types/codes for designating trades as submitted by house, client, market maker, etc. Therefore, for normal trading, traders are not required to specify an account code in the Acct Type field in X_TRADER.

Users may continue to assign account codes locally however:

  • The Gateway does not forward the account code values to the exchange. Therefore they are not included in exchange responses.
  • The account code is not forwarded to clearing.

Account Numbers in Audit Files

Preceding zeros in account numbers are truncated in the audit files. For example, an account number of “00201” appears as “201” in the *.csv audit file.