Configuring the Price Server Connection


NFX Gateway use the MulticastGroup.cfg file to determine all market data connection settings. In addition, the hostinfo.cfg file contains all required settings and do not require changes by the user.

Users may optionally use the [PriceServer] section to configure dedicated NIC settings for market data.





# Unless your Primary NIC is in the exchange network,

# uncomment the applicable line(s) below and

# fill in the NIC IP address(es)


The [PriceServer] section contains Price Server configurations for connecting to NFX Gateway.

The [PriceServer] section contains the following parameters:

[PriceServer] section parameters




This is the user-defined section heading.


Sets the name for each multicast group the NFX Gateway subscribes to. NFX Gateway install with the correct values listed for the MulticastGroup parameters and do not require an additional configuration.

This value matches the value of the Exchange parameter in the MuticastGroups.cfg file.


Sets the IP address for a dedicated network interface card (NIC) in trading environments that utilize multiple NICs.

In addition, you may assign a separate NIC for each price feed by using the NetworkInterfaceA and NetworkInterfaceB parameters.