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Configuring the Trading Environment

Load Balancing

TT SFE Gateways allow up to 10 Order Routing FIX sessions per membership. When configuring multiple order sessions, you must adhere to this limit.

Configuring the NIC Setup

TT recommends using a dual-NIC (network interface card) setup for all SFE Gateways. This includes:

  • One NIC facing the customer’s local network
  • One NIC facing the customer’s ASX 24 Gateway

Configuring Price Server Failover

You can set up a secondary Price Server to continue to receive price updates in the event the primary Price Server becomes inactive. When properly configured, Price Server failover occurs seamlessly.

To configure Price Server Failover:

  1. Run the SFE Gateway installation on that particular machine.

    You must ensure that both machines use the same Exchange-Flavor and share the same multicast. In addition, you should configure the [PriceServer] sections in the hostinfo.cfg file on both machines with the same values except for the SessionUserName which must be unique for each server.

  2. In the ttchron.ini file, comment out the Order Server and Fill Server sections.

    Once properly configured, prices continue to update even if the primary Price Server goes down.