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Support for Block Trades of Energy Products New in Version 7.14.1


SFE Gateways Version 7.14.1 and above support Block trades for ASX 24 Energy products. In previous versions of the Gateway, Block trades were sent to all market participants. TT Gateway Version 7.14.1 sends Block trades to the Exchange only.

Available Products

The SFE Gateway installs with a non-configurable file, SFEenergies.cfg, that contains a list of all Energy products able to be traded. This file installs in <root drive>:ttconfig directory and should not be modified by the user.

Client Application Impact

X_TRADER® 7.8.1 or above is required to properly support all facets of Block trade functionality, (i.e., entering Counterparty information).


X_TRADER® Version 7.8.1 prohibits the +/- characters which indicate if the counterparty is going long or short in the Block trade. To work around this issue, a user may enter B_XXX to indicate +XXX and S_XXX to indicate -XXX. X_TRADER® Version 7.8.2 will resolve this issue, allowing users to enter the +/- characters directly.