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Shortcut Keys

You are viewing TT User Setup Version 7.17 and higher. For earlier versions, click here

You use the shortcut keys as an alternative to choosing commands from the various TT User Setup menus.

  To use the shortcut keys...

Click the button combinations as listed in the table below to access the related menu or window.

The available shortcuts include:

File Menu


File MenuShortcut
File MenuALT, F
LoginALT, F, L
LogoutALT, F, O
Publish to GuardianALT, F, P
ExitALT, F, X


User Admin Menu


User Admin MenuShortcut
User Admin MenuALT, U
UsersALT, U, U
Gateway LoginsALT, U, L
AccountsALT, U, A
Product LimitsALT, U, P
X_TRADER Customer DefaultsALT, U, C
Product Group PermissionsALT, U, R
User's Gateway Login AttributesALT, U, W
User GroupsALT, U, G
Account GroupsALT, U, O
FIX Adapter Account DefaultsALT, U, F
Unlock Users/Reset PasswordsALT, U, K
Diagnostic ChecksALT, U, D


Server Admin Menu


Server Admin MenuShortcut
Server Admin MenuALT, S
System SettingsALT, S, Y
Version RulesALT, S, V
Collect Log FilesALT, S, C
Reset Exchange TreeALT, S, R
Currency Exchange RatesALT, S, E
Add Remove CurrenciesALT, S, C
Product MarginsALT, S, P
License SetupALT, S, L
Migrate Users to New GatewayALT, S, M

Reports Menu

Reports MenuShortcut
Reports MenuALT, R
Logged in UsersALT, R, L
Audit TrailALT, R, A
Run ReportsALT, R, R
Server MessagesALT, R, M
TT User Setup ServersALT, R, S
Environment Server StatusALT, R, E
ICE Product Group ReportsALT, R, I


Help Menu


Help MenuShortcut
Help MenuALT, H
Help TopicsALT, H, H
What's NewALT, H, W
TT Remote Help CenterALT, H, T
About TT User SetupALT, H, A