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Release Notes

Explore key releases enhancing trade execution and management.

Order upload using Bloomberg codes

You now have the capability to upload orders using a CSV file employing Bloomberg (BBG) codes rather than Exchange Symbols.

screenshot of Order upload using Bloomberg codes

Order Ticket displays avg price of proposed order

Optionally display the average price of an order based on how deep the proposed order will trade into the market based on current bid/ask quantities at the market depth price levels




Fill Alert Enhancements

We have significantly enhanced the existing “Fill Alerts” feature to improve notifications when a fill is received. The changes include: (1) Optionally display notifications on the screen on top of all applications, even when the TT application is behind other applications or even minimized. (2) Support filtering in the existing Fills Alert widget on fields such as Account and/or User such that the filter is maintained when the alert is closed. (3) Support customization of the Fills Alert widget display, specifically the background color to make the alert more noticeable.

OMS Care order passing

We have extended our current OMS order passing ability to now include the ability to pass staged orders.

OMS Auto-Stitch unbalanced Spreads with Tail

We have enhanced our current OMS spread stitching functionality to automatically create a remainder “tail” order when the spread leg quantities do not exactly match.