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Release Notes

Explore key releases enhancing trade execution and management.

Product Grid widget

We’ve introduced a new Product Grid widget that streamlines market data display, making it easier to monitor and trade multiple products with similar contract specifications. The layout includes a Term column on the far left, displaying expiration information for each row. The main grid to the right consists of groups, each representing a different product, with consistent columns. This design offers a clean, concise, and well-organized format, allowing you to access abundant information efficiently. Like the Market Grid, you can edit, resize, and reposition columns, and initiate order entry by clicking on various price cells.


Market Grid display Status cell with color

The Market Grid introduces a user-friendly enhancement by displaying a green background for instruments in the Open state and a red background for those in the Closed state in the Status cell, providing clear and intuitive visual cues for market status identification.


Order Ticket price as a Payup

The Order Ticket now includes a Price Payup checkbox, allowing you to configure the price of a Limit order as a payup from a chosen base price type. The payup can be defined as a percentage or the number of ticks, with positive values moving into the market and negative values away from it. The base price type options include LTP, Bid, Ask, Same Side, and Opposite Side. You can choose precision up to 2 decimal points for percentage values, while tick values must be integers. Both styles have a maximum limit of 100. It’s important to note that this feature is not an algo; instead, the order price is determined by the front end using the base price type value at the time of order submission.


Create price alerts from Market Grid, MD Trader and Order Book

We’ve enhanced the process of creating price alerts by introducing a right-click menu option – Create price alert. This feature is accessible on individual instrument rows in Market Grid, the Order Book, and MD Trader. Upon selecting this menu item, the Alert Manager opens with the chosen instrument pre-loaded as a price alert, allowing you to easily input the desired price for the alert.

New RTD fields for RIC and Name

RTD introduces two additional fields, RIC and Name, which populate based on the corresponding InstrumentID.

Refine alerts for new stage orders

Global Preferences under Orders now offers three trigger options for alerting on new staged orders: (1) all orders, (2) your own orders, or (3) orders that are not your own. This flexibility ensures that you can receive alerts specifically tailored to your preferences, avoiding unnecessary notifications related to staged orders.