TT Standard TT Pro
User Minimum Fee1 $50 $4002
Transaction Cap $1,000 $1,800
Charge Per Contract, Lot or Side3 $0.30 $0.30
Charge Per Fixed Income Contract $3.00 $3.00
Subscription4 $700 $1,400

Add-on Fees

TT Standard TT Pro
Advanced Options Package $300 $300

Exchange Subscriber Fees


Market Access Provider (MAP) Fees

$250/user capped at $5,000 per Exchange5

All MAP fees are waived on TT if the Exchange in question is supported by the broker or FCM in any X_TRADER environment, hosted or deployed on-premises.

Exchange Distribution Fees

FIX Adapter

Minimum Fee6 Transaction Rate Included Transactions
None $0.05 None
$5,000 $0.03 166,667
$10,000 $0.02 500,000
$15,000 $0.01 1,500,000
$20,000 $0.005 4,000,000


1 All users (including admins) who log into any TT offerings in a given month will be billed $50 per month per company relationship. Company relationship is defined as either (i) a broker if a broker pays for the user’s Service Fees or (ii) the user or user’s company if the user or its company pays for the user’s Service Fees.

2 When a user has order activity using TT Pro, an additional $350 will be billed totaling a $400/month minimum fee for TT Pro.

3 Through May 31, 2018: (i) no additional Service Fees shall apply to multi-exchange Users for trades made on the GDAX Exchange; and (ii) a monthly Service Fee of $50 for TT Standard and $400 for TT Pro shall apply for GDAX-only Users.

4 Customers who opt for a Subscription Service Fee commit to prepay the Service Fees for each applicable User for 4 months. Subscription Service Fee obligations survive termination of the Agreement.

5 Charged per Exchange per user who is logged in and configured to trade on that Exchange. Fee is not contingent on activity like a transactional based pricing model. Notwithstanding the foregoing, there are no additional MAP fees for the GDAX Exchange through May 31, 2018.

6 Monthly minimum fee with an annual commitment.