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Improve trade executions or implement complete trading strategies.


Use algos provided by TT, banks and third parties or build your own.


TT's visual programming interface with drag-and-drop building blocks allows you to quickly create, test and deploy automated trading strategies without any manual programming.

TT® Algo SDK (Coming in 2016)

Create algos that execute on colocated servers with a high-performance Linux C-based API.

Algo management

Easily launch, manage and monitor all of your algos with Algo Dashboard or Autotrader™.

Colocated execution

Algos are deployed to colocated algo servers for exceptional performance.

Excel integration

Link values from Excel to your algo parameters.

TT order types

Reduce market impact and improve the timing of conditional execution with order types provided by TT.

Third-party algos

Leverage third-party, broker-agnostic algos to expand the suite of tools available through TT.

Bank algos

Banks can make their algos available to their customers through the TT platform.

Algo trading highlights

  • Use ADL to rapidly create custom algos without writing code.
  • Drag, drop and connect blocks to quickly generate error-free programs.
  • Program highly tailored algos with TT Algo® SDK.
  • Drive Autospreader® with your custom algos.
  • Design and thoroughly test your algos with live market data using a robust simulated matching engine.
  • Use order types provided by TT to trigger orders based on a variety of conditions as well as improve execution by minimizing market impact.