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Options Trading

View and trade options contracts with new functionality in the TT® platform.


Use TT's expanded range of features to view and trade options.


See options prices in an industry-standard display of strikes in horizontal rows with calls and puts.


View implied volatility, theoretical prices and calculated Greeks for each strike.


Manage your vol curve with an intuitive graphical interface.


Utilize all of TT's execution tools to trade options.

Manage risk

View the delta, gamma, theta and vega of open options positions.

Options trading highlights

  • TT's Options Chain widget displays bid/ask and theoretical prices in an intuitive display.
  • TT uses industry-standard options models optimized to quickly calculate theoretical prices, Greeks and implied volatility.
  • TT’s Fitted Vol Curve smooths outliers and addresses strikes with wide bid/ask spreads or no market at all.
  • Use TT's Vol Curve Manager to define and use your own volatility curve.
  • View historical at-the-money volatility and see how the fitted volatility curve has changed over the course of the last two trading sessions.
  • TT's Position widget displays options positions in terms of Greek calculations and uses theoretical values to calculate open P&L.