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June 14, 2018

Exchange System Updates

TFX: Release for MiFID Support

June 15

TFX Gateway 7.17.69 provides support for MiFID fields, the TFX MIC code (XTFF) in FIX drop copy tag 100 and duplicate order checking. It also fixes an issue with spread trades where tag 10527 contained an incorrect value for leg fills.

X_TRADER® Platform Impact
We will release an updated TFX Gateway on June 15. This is an optional upgrade outside of the X_TRADER ASP environment. The release is currently available in DDE.

TT® Platform Impact
None. This market is not yet available on TT.

Eurex: T7 6.1 Release

June 18

Eurex will launch T7 Release 6.1 in production on June 19, with simulation now available as of April 30.

Note: GTC orders will persist through this upgrade. You need take no action related to these orders.

In preparation for this upgrade, Eurex will conduct a connectivity test in the Production environment on June 16 at 15:00 – 17:00 CET. For additional details from the exchange on the launch weekend, including the connectivity testing, please see Eurex Circular 040/2018.

X_TRADER Platform Impact
We have released Eurex Gateway 7.18.35, which is a mandatory upgrade that must take place after the close on June 15 and prior to the start of trading on June 18. This version is also currently available for testing in DDE.

Eurex recommends that members participate in the connectivity test on June 16 at 15:00 – 17:00 CET (8:00 – 10:00 Chicago time). Participants must:

  1. Stop TTChron on the Eurex Gateway.
  2. Manually start the Price Server and Order Server.
  3. Verify the Price Server is initialized and fully green in Guardian.
  4. Verify the Order Server has successfully performed session and trader logons for each session configured in the hostinfo.cfg file by locating the following messages in <drive letter>:\tt\logfiles\*OrderServer*.log:
    – Ses. <Session ID> received session logon for session credential…
    – Trader Login <MemberGroupTrader> success
    Note the Order Server will remain in the initializing state in Guardian.
  5. Upon verification, restart TTChron to stop the Price Server and Order Server.

TT Platform Impact
No customer action is required. We will deploy updated software for use in production after the close on June 15.

We will conduct connectivity testing on behalf of customers on June 16.

Additional Resources
T7 Release 6.1 Website
Eurex Circular 040/2018

CME: Globex API Secure Logon – iLink

July 1

CME Group has communicated the following regarding upcoming changes to iLink session authentications:

To ensure the highest levels of security, CME Group has launched the CME Globex API Secure Logon in Q1 2018 to harden iLink and Drop Copy 4.0 session authentication.

The new Secure Logon is in production and will be supported in parallel with the current model with surcharges until Friday, June 29. Any iLink or Drop Copy Target sessions that connect using plain text password are subject to surcharges as follows:

  • Sunday April 29 – Friday June 1: $100/session/month
  • Sunday June 3 – Friday June 29: $500/session/month

Only Secure Logons will be supported starting:

  • Monday, June 11 in New Release
  • Sunday, July 1 in Production

Note: “Drop Copy” changes referenced here are for CME’s Clearing Drop Copy, which goes direct to customers. This is unrelated to TT or 7.x FIX Adapters. There is no impact to FIX Adapters with this change.

X_TRADER Platform Impact
We’ve released a new version of the CME Gateway that’s compatible with these authentication changes. You should work with the exchange to get secure key pairs for iLink sessions and ensure that your CME Gateway configuration is updated accordingly.

TT Platform Impact
We’ve introduced production support for the new iLink authentication functionality. You should work with the exchange to create secure key pairs for iLink sessions and enter this information (Access ID and Secret Key) in Setup in the fields under the “Additional Settings” portion of the “Connections” tab. The “Use Secret Key and Access Key ID” box should be checked.

Additional Resources
Globex Notice, May 28

LSE: SOLA 12.3 Functional Release

July 9

LSE will upgrade to SOLA 12.3 in the production environment on July 9. Prior to this upgrade, the exchange will conduct a mock session on June 23.

For information from the exchange, please refer to the LSE Technical Notice.

X_TRADER Platform Impact
We will release LSE Gateway 7.18.29 by June 22 to support the mock trading session. This release will include changes to ensure API compatibility but will not include any functional enhancements.

LSE Gateway 7.18.29 should not be used for production trading until the exchange API upgrade on July 9.

TT Platform Impact
None. This market is not yet available on TT.

Additional Resources
LSE Technical Notice

SGX: New Product Additions


SGX has postponed the launch of SGX India contracts from June 4 to August. SGX will also end support for SGX Nifty 50 Index futures and options, SGX Nifty Bank Index futures, SGX Nifty CPSE Index futures, SGX Nifty IT Index futures and SGX Nifty Midcap 50 Index futures. Customers may download an updated SGX pMerge file here.

Before the launch, the exchange will migrate all outstanding open positions and GTC orders in the Nifty futures, Nifty options and Nifty Bank contracts to the India futures, India options and India Bank contracts, respectively.

Note: Customers that have already updated to the provided pMerge will not be negatively affected.

X_TRADER Platform Impact
To view these products, apply an updated pMerge file to all SGX Gateways:

  1. Copy the SGX.pmg file to <drive letter>:\tt\config.
  2. Stop GuardServer.
  3. Navigate to <drive letter>:\tt\bin.
  4. Double-click pMerge.exe. The Enter Exchange Name window appears.
  5. Specify the exchange name and flavor and click OK. The Open Guardian product table merge file window appears.
  6. Navigate to <drive letter>:\tt\config and select the SGX.pmg file. pMerge will update the existing Guardian Product Table with the correct values. After pMerge completes its tasks, the pMerge status bar displays Finished.
  7. Close the pMerge status bar.
  8. Start GuardServer.

After pMerge runs, verify that the Guardian Product Table contains the following values:

SGX DT/DC Contracts Ticker Symbol Point Value
SGX India Futures IN 1
SGX Options on SGX India Futures INO 1
SGX India Bank Futures INB 2

TT Platform Impact

The products will be available automatically.

Product Releases