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April 19, 2017

Exchange System Updates

Eris: Swapbook Enhancements

April 24

Eris will upgrade the SwapBook matching engine this weekend. In preparation, TT will release Eris Gateway 7.17.79. The new gateway will supports the pre-listing of all Eris Standards instruments, On-the-Run and Off-the-Run aged, Ultra Forwards and Invoice Swap Futures, totaling approximately 400 instruments.

Eris will conduct a test session in the production environment on Saturday at 10:30am-12:30pm ET. Please contact the exchange for additional information.

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Euronext: Optiq API Upgrade Update

July 24

Euronext will proceed with phase one of the migration from UTP to the next-generation Optiq platform on July 24. The market data infrastructure will be migrated during this phase, followed by the derivatives order entry and matching engine migration in 2018.

Although Euronext will support 10mb, 1gb and 10gb connections for Optiq, the TT NYSE Liffe Gateway will only support market data shaped at 1gb. A 10gb line would not be of benefit and cannot be used.

The exchange will support unshaped market data for the following product groups on 10gb connections, but the TT NYSE Liffe Gateway will NOT support these unshaped feeds:

  • Derivatives – Index Futures – France and the Netherlands
  • Derivatives – Index Options – France and the Netherlands

Dress Rehearsals
Euronext will conduct dress rehearsals in the production environment covering both cash and derivatives, high-availability failover, disaster recovery and the roll-back to XDP. All customers must participate in at least one of the following tests:

  • Dress Rehearsal #1: Saturday, June 3
  • Dress Rehearsal #2: Saturday, June 10
  • Dress Rehearsal #3: Saturday, June 17

We plan to have support staff available for testing on June 10. We will determine support coverage for June 17 following the June 10 test.

Production Launch on July 24
The derivatives external pre-production will start on July 10. During the following two weeks, the exchange will broadcast MDG derivatives flow but with no service guarantee. MDG derivatives will go live on July 24, followed by a two-week dual-run period where MDG will be the primary flow for derivatives. The exchange will stop broadcasting XDP derivatives on July 29.

Important note: Customers must maintain connectivity to the XDP market data feed until Optiq MDG becomes the primary Euronext market derivatives data feed on July 24.

TT Impact
We will release the NYSE Liffe 7.18 Gateway to support the Optiq migration. This gateway will not be backward compatible with the current API. We will provide more information as we move closer to the exchange dress rehearsals.

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June 19

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