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July 19, 2017

Exchange System Updates

Euronext: Optiq API Upgrade *Updated*

July 24

Euronext will proceed with phase one of the migration from UTP to the next-generation Optiq platform on July 24, when the feed will be available in a pre-prod state. Both Optiq and XDP will be available in parallel beginning on July 31.

The MDG Derivatives pre-production period will start on July 24 and last for one week. Although both XDP and MDG will disseminate production data during this period, XDP will remain the primary derivatives Euronext market data feed. While MDG is in the pre-production phase and until it becomes the primary Euronext market data feed, the exchange advises that clients be mindful that using this feed for trading is at their own risk.

The exchange plans to start the Derivatives MDG parallel run on July 31. The exchange’s decision to start the parallel run will be based on internal and client readiness, and subject to regulatory approval. During this period, both XDP and MDG will be available in production, but MDG will be the primary Euronext derivatives market data feed, and MDG will be supported as per usual production service level standards from this date on. XDP Derivatives will continue to be available in production and monitored under high service level standards until they are decommissioned on August 25.

Note: Customers must maintain connectivity to the XDP market data feed until Optiq MDG becomes the primary Euronext market derivatives data feed.

TT Impact
We will release a new NYSE Liffe 7.18 Gateway package to support the Optiq migration prior to July 28. This gateway will not be backward compatible with the current API.

Although Euronext will support 10mb, 1gb and 10gb connections for Optiq, the TT NYSE Liffe Gateway will only support market data shaped at 1gb. A 10gb line would not be of benefit and cannot be used.

The exchange will support unshaped market data for the following product groups on 10gb connections, but the TT NYSE Liffe Gateway will NOT support these unshaped feeds:

  • Derivatives – Index Futures – France and the Netherlands
  • Derivatives – Index Options – France and the Netherlands

REQUIRED: Standing data is now retrieved via the exchange Euronext File Services (EFS) mechanism rather than via FTP as in previous versions. Customer administrators should request EFS sessions via the Optiq portal.

Without access to EFS, the Price Server will not start up successfully. Gateways that will run the NYSE Liffe Price Server must have access to over the Internet.

Additional Resources
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CME: Decommission of MexDer Order Routing Offering

August 25

Effective end of day August 25, Globex order routing and market data for MexDer products will no longer be available via the CME Globex platform or supported via the TT CME Gateway.


Euronext Optiq

July 24