Execution Algos

Leverage best-of-breed synthetic TT® Premium Order Types for trading futures, options, equities, fixed income, FX, crypto and more.


Historical/Empirical Trade Distributions

Automated child order sizing based on synthetic objective and product to blend in with “normal” market activity.

Matching Engine Awareness

Product-specific order sizing logic with respect to Pro-Rata, FIFO, Split, etc. for optimal interaction with exchange matching algorithm.

Product-specific Forecasting

Volatility and volume forecasts driving benchmark order logic include built-in awareness of seasonalities and events to optimize forecasts.

Multiple Benchmark Strategies

Variety of benchmark order types allows for aligning execution with the overall trading objective.

Post-Trade Analytics

Performance reports and reviews with product experts to review, discuss and optimize usage for continuous improvement of execution process.

Simplified Trading Workflow

Create templates and custom action buttons for one-click initialization minimizing workflow interruptions.

  • Algos are fully integrated with the TT platform
  • User and/or account-level permissioning per TT Premium Order Type
  • Algo execution on co-located servers to achieve ultra low-latency performance
  • Order routing/management supported via browser, desktop and TT’s APIs
  • Available user parameters allow for bespoke execution
  • Algos driven by quantitative modeling from macro to microstructure

Order Type Overviews

Manage order submission and execution with robust synthetic orders.
TT Brisk

Execute targeting arrival price and enhance physical basis trades.

TT Close

Execute intelligently into settlement or market close.


Execute in line with market activity to target a rate or in illiquid markets.

TT Prowler

Execute iceberg-style with additional anti-gaming and liquidity capture features.

TT Scale POV

Execute within a target range dependent on market conditions.

TT Splicer

Use Autospreader® to create a synthetic multi-leg instrument, then apply any TT Premium Order Type to seamlessly manage order execution.


Execute evenly across time with intelligent sizing and distribution.


Execute with expected liquidity, such as during settlement windows to mimic TAS.

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