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Aconfig And System Architecture Documentation


Heartbeats and aconfig.xml Version Numbers

In aconfig.xml, RevisionCount functions as a version number. TT Trading Systems use this parameter to determine whether the aconfig.xml on the local machine is the most recent.

All heartbeats sent by TT’s Guard Servers contain the RevisionCount of their aconfig.xml file. If a client station determines that it’s aconfig.xml has a RevisionCount lower than the aconfig.xml on the Guard Server machine, it notifies the Guard Server to send its aconfig.xml. For a description of how Guardian and Guard Server heartbeat with one another, refer to Heartbeat Architecture

Updating RevisionCount

Whenever you manually change the contents of the aconfig.xml file, you must also manually increment the value of RevisionCount by one (1). This ensures that the TT Trading System replicates the updated aconfig.xml across all machines in the TT system.


The Guard Server reads any number higher than 2147483647 as a -1. If this happens, you can run into severe network and trading system issues. When manually setting the RevisionCount, do not use a number that risks exceeding this limit.

If you provide a custom aconfig.xml during installation of a TT Gateway, the installation automatically updates the RevisionCount in the aconfig.xml file that you supply during installation. For details on this process, refer to Merging aconfig.xml Settings.

aconfig.xml stores the value of RevisionCount in the <value> line in the RevisionCount section.

To update RevisionCount:

  1. On a machine with Guard Server running (such as a mapped TT Gateway), using a text editor such as Notepad, open aconfig.xml located in <root drive>:ttconfig.
  2. Scroll to the end of the file.
  3. Locate the last section of the file titled: config‑value dn="AConfig.Meta.RevisionCount"
  4. In this RevisionCount section, locate that parameter <value>.
  5. Increment the value of <value> by one (1).

    Example RevisionCount

    When you locate the RevisionCount section, it looks like the following:

    <config-value dn="AConfig.Meta.RevisionCount">



    You increment 460091832 by one and configure a new value of 460091833.

  6. On the File menu, click Save.
  7. Close the aconfig.xml file.
  8. Restart Guard Server.

    When Guard Server starts up, it replicates the new aconfig.xml across the network segment.