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Autospreader Documentation

Do Not Hedge Rule

You can set a pre-hedge rule with the action “Do Not Hedge” in the Hedge Rule Builder to determine whether to send hedge orders while Autospreader orders are working.

Autospreader is designed to send a hedge order into the other legs of the spread upon a quoting order fill depending on your spread ratio. With the Do Not Hedge rule, hedge orders will not get sent after quoting order fills.

Example: Your spread configuration is setup to trade a 5 x 5 spread ratio and you enter a spread order quantity of 1.

You set the “DoNotHedge” action in a pre-hedge rule and activate the rule for the spread. You receive a partial fill of 3 lots in a quoting leg, but with the Do Not Hedge rule activated, a hedge order for 3 lots is not sent in the other leg.

While the spread is working you deactivate the Do Not Hedge rule. You receive a 2 lot fill in a quoting leg and a hedge order for 2 lots is sent in the other leg