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Autospreader Documentation

The Manager Dialog Box

The Autospreader Manager dialog box is your interface for previously created spreads.

Autospreader Manager Spread View

  • The buttons in this dialog include:


Opens a new instance of the Autospreader Configuration dialog box, used to create a new spread.


Opens the Autospreader Configuration dialog box, populated with the spread information for the selected spread.


Duplicates the selected spread and adds it to the list. The word 'copy' is added to the end of the spread title.

Hedge Manager

Opens the Hedge Manager window, letting you view and make changes to your hedge orders.


Deletes the selected spread from the workspace.

  • Your spread launching options include:

The drop-down box lets you choose which window to launch the spread into and whether you want to launch the corresponding legs.

You can launch your spread in:

  • MD Trader
  • Market Grid
  • Autotrader

The radio buttons let you choose if you want to launch the spread from your local desktop machine or a specific synthetic server.

Refer to Trading on an Autospreader Strategy Engine for more information on the synthetic server.


Opens the selected spread with the launching options you specified.

Note: Hold the Shift or Ctrl keys to select multiple spreads.

  • The tabs in this dialog include:

Spread View

Shows standard view of all the spread names.

Leg View

Shows view of all associated legs, sorted by spread name.

Refer to Altering Spreads using the Leg View.