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Autotrader™ Documentation

Introduction to Managing Autotrader

To open Autotrader:

From the Control Panel, click the Window menu and choose Autotrader.

- or -

From the Control Panel, click the icon.

Warning! You may open only five (5) instances at one time. After opening five (5) Autotrader windows, the icon is no longer accessible.

Autotrader is a flexible, automated order management tool that lets you execute complex strategies, quote markets, and scalp using links from Excel or formulas directly from Autotrader. It automates your trading strategies and increases your speed to market by enabling you to do the following:

  • Trade multiple products simultaneously.
  • Create profiles for different market conditions, quantities, and offset parameters.
  • Keep an eye on current market prices.
  • Display implied outright and spread prices and quantities.
  • Enter orders directly from your Excel spreadsheets.

Note:Autotrader is an add-on tool available with X_TRADER Pro. It requires a separate license to function. Refer to the X_TRADER Help System.

Autotrader is made up of the following components:

For procedures and examples regarding how to use Autotrader, refer to: