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BrokerTec Gateway Documentation

Section: [Traders] – 7.15.X and lower


In BrokerTec Gateways 7.16.0 and later, the [Traders] section is no longer used. Fills are now filtered via a unique trading code in the BD6 broadcast rather than through the MGT configuration.


In the event that a trader participates in a workup order on the same side of the market, but sends the orders on separate BrokerTec Gateways, the fill records may be incorrect as the BD6 broadcast will be received by only one Gateway.

If this section is still present in the hostinfo.cfg file, it will be ignored.



This section is only valid in BrokerTec Gateways 7.15.X and below.

Example [Traders] section parameters








This section is only valid in BrokerTec Gateways 7.15.X and below.

The [Traders] section contains user information for all traders using the BrokerTec Gateway. The trader’s user information comprises:

  • MEMBERID: The BTEC Customer ID distributed by BrokerTec.
  • GROUPID: The customer’s user-defined three-digit ID.
  • TRADERID: The BrokerTec assigned BTEC Signature.

When adding entries do not include spaces in MEMBERID;GROUPID;TRADERID.


The information entered in the [Traders] section must be typed in all capital letters.


BrokerTec Gateways reject all orders entered by traders not listed in this section. Each trader must be configured in the [Traders] section to successfully enter orders.

When running multiple BrokerTec Gateways in the same trading environment (i.e., using the same Firm ID), you must enter a unique set of traders into the [Traders] section on each Gateway. Failure to do so can result in incorrect fill information being forwarded to client applications.