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BVMF Gateway Documentation

Verifying Connectivity


To complete the BVMF Gateway installation, BVMF may request that you pass several connectivity tests with BVMF’s host machines. The customer must schedule specific dates and times with BVMF to perform these tests:

  • Ping and Telnet Tests
  • BVMF’s Feed Tests
  • Price Server Startup Test

You perform these tests after configuring the TT Gateway (e.g., with NT User information, product tables, etc.), but before starting TTChron (refer to TT Gateway Architecture SAM Version 7.X).

Once you complete all tests with the BVMF, start TTChron. TTChron starts your Gateway as scheduled in ttchron.ini.


If this is a new membership (i.e., new TT customer), no one can trade through the TT Gateway until you successfully complete these tests.

Ping Tests

You perform the ping and telnet tests to verify network connectivity to the BVMF host servers.

To complete the ping and telnet tests, the customer must ping and telnet to the various IP addresses on BVMF’s network that the BVMF distributes.

The BVMF distributes the UMDF and EntryPoint IP addresses that you must ping (labeled IPAddress in the procedure below). The BVMF usually sends this information via e-mail to their customers. There are two types of IP addresses that you may need to test (each type usually consists of a pair of IP addresses):

  • UMDF Replay Host
  • Host Server IP addresses: Host Server IP addresses are the IP addresses that you use in the Order Server sections ([OrderServerSession_#]) of the hostinfo.cfg file. These machines provide access to the trading host for order submission.

A ping test fails if the command window states the request has timed out.

To ping BVMF exchange host servers:

  1. Open a command window.
  2. Type: ping IPAddress1
  3. Type: ping IPAddress2

To troubleshoot ping connectivity:

  1. If you are unable to ping any of the machines at BVMF, verify that the customer’s network setup is correct. If the customer’s network is correctly set up, call BVMF.
  2. If you can connect to one but not the other IP address, call BVMF. The problem is most likely on their end.

Telnet Tests

BVMF distributes two order IP addresses and two price IP addresses, each set with its associated ports. TT recommends that you telnet these locations to test their status (respectively labeled IPAddress and Port in the procedure below). BVMF usually sends this information via e-mail to their customers.

To telnet BVMF:

  1. Open a command window.
  2. Type: telnet IPAddress1 Port
  3. Type: telnet IPAddress2 Port

    The telnet test fails if you receive a Connection Failed prompt box.

TT Listen Tool

Contact your local TAM to obtain the.zip file containing the TT Listen Tool. After obtaining the.zip file, extract and save the tool to the <root drive>:ttExchange-Flavor directory.

The TT FAST Listen (named tt_fast_listen.exe) toollistens to the price data that BVMF sends. You use this tool to display the price data as plain text messages instead of <opaque>.

Because the tool receives price data before the Price Server processes it, you can use it as a troubleshooting tool to compare actual price messages against what the Price Server broadcasts.

BVMF Feed Tests

You must perform the BVMF Feed tests to verify the status of both BVMF’s UMDF feeds. You can perform these tests only during normal BVMF trading hours when the exchange is actively distributing price data. The BVMF delivers data via two UMDF data channels named Feed A and Feed B. Failure to receive both feeds can result in excessive history requests and can cause price freezes.You must pass both tests to maintain a proper connection to the exchange.

To test the UMDF Feed:

  1. Open a command window.
  2. Type: <root drive>:ttExchange-Flavor
  3. Type the following exactly as indicated taking particular note on spacing:

    tt_fast_listen –config <root drive>:tt -template <root drive>:ttconfigBVMFTemplates.xml -address –interface IP

    where <root drive> is the local drive letter and IP is the IP address of the TT Gateway that faces the exchange.

    This tests the Feed A connection for the first channel. If the test succeeds, various messages appear in the command window. If you do not receive messages on either Feed A or Feed B, please contact the BVMF support center.

Testing Price Server Setup

For best results, execute this test while the Price Server is running, and not outside of the default TTChron hours.

To start the Price Server:

  1. If TTChron is configured to shut down the Price Server during the time that you run this test, stop the TTChron service.

    For this procedure, refer to the TT Gateway Architecture SAM Version 7.X.

  2. From the Start menu, point to Settings, and then click Control Panel.
  3. Double-click Administrative Tools.

    The Administrative Tools window displays.

  4. Double-click Services.

    The Services window displays.

  5. Scroll through the Services window to locate TT Price Server.
  6. Right-click TT BVMF Price Server, and then click Start.

    After about thirty seconds, the Price Server in Guardian should display as green.

To troubleshoot connection problems:

  1. Run the TT Listen tool to verify whether the connection is working.
  2. Check the command window or:
    • Make sure that the command is pointing to the correct file.
    • If you see the text Connected followed by the text Disconnected, notify the BVMF. They will need to assist you in diagnosing the cause of this error.