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CFE Gateway Documentation

Exchange Host Failure and Recovery


Several types of failures can occur between the customer’s network and the exchange. Such failures can involve network devices, the CFE price and order environments, and the exchange matching engine.

Exchange Host and Trading Engine Failure

In the event that only the CFE exchange host fails, all traders on the TT System experience the following:

  • Orders: CFE rejects all submitted orders.
  • Prices: Prices go stale.

However, the TT Gateway continues to run and remains connected to the CFE’s Routing Engine servers.

When the exchange host again goes live, the TT Gateway receives the appropriate exchange messages. Traders can begin trading normally again and prices begin updating as normal.

CFE Recovery Processes

Depending upon the particular type of failure, the following events occur (reconnection does not occur in any particular order):

  • When the exchange server recovers, the Price Server reconnects to the CFE exchange host. Prices go live again.
  • The Order Routers on the CFE Gateway reconnect to the CFE exchange host. Traders can now trade.
  • Fills: Unless fills were dropped by CFE, traders have access to their fills for the entire trading day. Traders see their fills for the day downloading again after the recovery.
  • Orders: Due to the possibility of orders being dropped by the CFE during an exchange host crash, traders must call the exchange and verify their working orders.
  • Positions: Because the CFE exchange host may drop fills or orders during a failure, traders may have incorrectly calculated positions after the gateway reconnects. To determine correct positions, traders must call CFE and inquire upon all orders in their Order Book.