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CME Gateway Documentation

Support For DME Products

TT Gateway Version

CME Gateway 7.14.x and higher supports trading of Dubai Mercantile Exchange (DME) energy products. To trade options on DME energy products, you need CME Gateway 7.15.1 or higher.

Available Products

You can trade futures, options, futures strips, calendar spreads, and inter-commodity spreads for the following DME energy products:

  • Oman Crude Oil
  • Oman Crude Oil Financial

Client Application Impact

X_TRADER® 7.4.9 or higher is required for trading DME energy products.


In the Market Explorer window, the outright contracts for DME products list under Future while the corresponding spreads list under Spread.

Configuring DME Product Support

Trading is supported on the CME Gateway by enabling the price feed channels for DME products in the [price_session] section of the hostinfo.cfg file. To enable a price feed channel, remove the # sign to “uncomment” the corresponding FIX/FAST subject parameter.

For CME Gateway 7.15.0, you will have to manually update hostinfo.cfg with the DME parameters provided by TT. The parameters for DME products are shown in the following example.




Because there is a 14 channel limit on the CME Gateway, ensure that the CME Gateway used for trading DME products has enough capacity to add the additional channel. Refer to Recommendations for Optimal Performance.

The channel definitions are provided by CME Group and included in the fast.cfg file provided by TT. For more information regarding how the CME Gateway uses the fast.cfg file, refer to Example: fast.cfg.