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Disaster Recovery Documentation

Disaster Recovery Techniques


The following table lists various disaster recovery techniques. Those techniques specific to particular TT Gateways are not covered further here. Instead, for details on specific TT Gateway disaster recovery techniques, refer to the disaster recovery chapter in the SAM specific to the TT Gateway you use.

Types of Failover

Supported Disaster Recovery Techniques
Disaster Recovery TechniqueDescription

Hot failover - full TT Gateway

Traders can continue trading after the TT Trading System fails them over to an active TT Gateway, which takes approximately 30 seconds. Traders continue to have access to their orders and fills. Refer to the SAM of the TT Gateway that you run for further information on:

  • How to determine whether your TT Gateway supports hot failover
  • How to deploy this solution
  • The affects of a failover on the trading environment

Hot Failover - Price Server

Traders can continue to receive prices if the primary Price Server goes down. Failover to the active Price Server takes approximately 30 seconds, during which time prices do not update, but traders continue to have access to their orders and fills. For details on this type of deployment, refer to Redundant TT Gateways: Price Server Hot Failover.

Redundant and Backup third-party devices*

You can increase the redundancy of various exchange server machines. For details on whether your exchange supports such setups, refer to the exchange’s documentation and the SAM of the TT Gateway that you run.

Manual Failover – Unique Exchange-flavors

Traders can continue trading on the exchange by manually logging into another TT Gateway of the same type but with a different name. The exchange and TT Gateway type determine whether traders can access their pre-failover list of orders and fills.

* Whereas backup devices provide the TT Gateway an alternate connection to the exchange if the primary connection fails, redundant devices provide hot failover of connectivity should a device fail.