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ERIS Gateway Documentation

Routing to the Exchange


Eris/GovEx Gateways reside between the client network and the Eris/GovEx matching engine located in Chicago. All price and order sessions are connected via a single line from the Eris/GovEx Gateway to the Eris SwapBook FIX Gateway and matching engine. Eris/GovEx Gateways in TTNET’s data center are co-located with the Eris SwapBook FIX Gateway and matching engine in Chicago.

Connectivity Options

The Eris SwapBook platform provides FIX API connectivity over a single TCP connection. When ordering Eris SwapBook connectivity, note that the Eris/GovEx Gateway requires at least one of each of the following:

  • FIX Order API connection (market data and orders)
  • FIX Ticker API connection (non-trade data)
  • FIX STP API connection (to recover orders and fills in the event of a disconnect)

To obtain connectivity to the Eris SwapBook platform:

  • Customers can connect through TT’s fully managed hosting solution, TTNET. TTNET enables traders to quickly and reliably access Eris Exchange and other major exchanges through TT’s proven high-performance global market connectivity solution. The Eris/GovEx Gateways in TTNET are co-located with the exchanges’ matching engine in Chicago.
  • If you choose to obtain your own connectivity via public internet (SSL connection required), financial extranet, or direct cross connect; you can obtain additional details by contacting the exchange at: +1 888 587 2699.