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FIX Adapter Reference Documentation

Market Data Request Reject (Y)


Used to send the reason for rejecting a market data request

Message Direction

From TT FIX Adapter to FIX client

Message Availability

Use CasePrice SessionOrder Session

Drop Copy


Order Routing


Supported Tags

Tag #Field NameReq’dComments
Component Block <Standard Header>Y35=Y (MsgType)

Unique ID matching the incoming request ID, sent in Tag 262 (MDReqID) in the Market Data Request (V) request.

TT FIX Adapter returns this ID in all responses corresponding to the Market Data Request (V) request.

Data type: String


Reason for the rejection

Data type: String

Component Block <Standard Trailer>Y

Message Notes

The Market Data Request Reject (Y) message is used by TT FIX Adapter when it cannot fulfill a FIX client request for market data.

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