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FIX Adapter Reference Documentation

Security Status Request (e)


Used to request the status of a product

Message Direction

From FIX client to TT FIX Adapter

Message Availability

Use CasePrice SessionOrder Session

Drop Copy


Order Routing


Supported Tags

Tag #Field NameReq’dComments
Component Block <Standard Header>Y35=e (MsgType)
Component Block <Instrument>Y

For tags to include in the Instrument Component Block and any restrictions in their use, refer to Component block: Instrument (FIX client request)


Unique ID for this security request. You must ensure the tag contains a unique value for the current FIX session.

Data type: String


Type of request. Valid values include:

  • 0: Snapshot
  • 1: Snapshot plus updates (subscribe)
  • 2: Disable previous (unsubscribe)

Data type: char

Component Block <Standard Trailer>Y

Message Notes

The Security Status Request (e) message is used by FIX clients to request the current status of a particular product.

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