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FIX Adapter Reference Documentation

Resend Request (2)


Used to request a resend of a range of messages

Message Direction

From TT FIX Adapter to FIX client and from FIX client to TT FIX Adapter

Message Availability

Use CasePrice SessionOrder Session

Drop Copy


Order Routing


Supported Tags

Tag #Field NameReq’dComments
Component Block <Standard Header>Y35=2 (MsgType)

Sequence number of the first message in the range to resend. Use this value in Tag 34 (MsgSeqNum) of the first resent message.

Data type: int


Sequence number of the last message in the range to resend. Use this value in Tag 34 (MsgSeqNum) of the last message.

If the request is for a single message, then Tag 7 (BeginSeqNo) must equal Tag 16 (EndSeqNo). If the request is for all messages subsequent to a particular message, then EndSeqNo must be 0 (representing infinity).

Data type: int

Component Block <Standard Trailer>Y

Message Notes

The Resend Request (2) message is used to specify a range of messages to resend. Both the TT FIX Adapter and a FIX client can send this message.

Note: For price sessions, TT FIX Adapter responds to all Resend Request (2) messages from FIX clients with a Sequence Reset (4) message with Tag 123 (GapFillFlag) = Y.

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