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Resolving Message Translation Errors

The Errors: Available to Be Sent (PossResendFlag=Y) section includes errors in Execution Report (8) messages sent from TT FIX Adapter that you can choose to send on to the FIX client. If the symbology defaults enable error reporting for messages sent from FIX Adapter, Flexible FIX adds entries to this section when a message contains unmapped symbols. See Configuring Symbology Defaults for FIX Adapter for more information about unmapped symbol reporting.

The following example indicates that Flexible FIX received an Execution Report (8) message from TT FIX Adapter that contained unmapped symbols. The Error Description indicates that the message included the ZB symbol that was not defined in the profile’s symbol mapping table.

You can click to display the FIX message, as shown. In this case, the symbology error occurred for a fill (39=2) of a ZB contract.

Note: Clicking on the Category link opens the Symbology tab for the profile and puts the entire FIX message containing the unmapped symbol in the Test section.

After looking at the message, you can choose to send () the message to the FIX client or to drop () the message. If you want to send the message, you first need to:

  • Create or update a symbol mapping rule
  • Save the new rule
  • Test using the 'test' button
  • Apply the updated rule to the profile
  • Resend the message.

Resent messages include tag 97 (PossResend) = Y.

The Errors: Available For Notification Purposes Only section includes errors that can't be resent by Flexible FIX, such as symbology misses on New Order Singles (or cancels or changes; when unmapped symbols has been set to Report int he FIX client Defaults section of the profile), logical errors on message or tag rules on New Order Singles (or cancels and changes), FIX rejects, etc.� Even though you cannot resend these messages, you can use the same procedure to resolve the error for future sessions.