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Message Rules: Passing or Dropping Messages

How to Pass or Drop a Message

Note: If Drop conflicting messages and tags was selected when you created your profile, Drop rules will already exist for any messages that are not supported by the counterparty.

To pass or drop messages:

  1. Locate the row in the Message Rules section containing the Message and Direction you want to modify, and click the Edit icon.
  2. From the Editing Message Rule dialog, select Pass to send the message to the counterparty (to the FIX client, in this case) or Drop to suppress the message from being sent to the counterparty.

Example: Dropping Business Reject Messages from FIX clients

Suppose your FIX client and the TT FIX Adapter both use the same FIX specification, such as FA_7_17_FIX42.xml. This specification supports the Business Message Reject (j) message in both directions. Suppose you want to prevent FIX Adapter from receiving the message from the FIX client, but allow the TT FIX Adapter to send it to the FIX client. In this situation, you would use the message rules to instruct Flexible FIX to drop the message if sent by a FIX client.

To drop a Business Message Reject (j) message from FIX clients:

  1. In the Message Rules section, filter the message list to include only the Business Message Reject message.
  2. For the To FIX Adapter direction, click the Edit icon.
  3. Select the Drop action, and click Save.