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Tag Rules: Choosing Actions Based on the Value of a Tag

About Conditional Actions

Flexible FIX allows you to take actions conditionally based on the value of an input tag. For example, suppose you wanted to assign a different tag 1 (Account) value on order routing messages based on the tag 207 (SecurityExchange) value sent by the FIX client. You could create a conditional rule in Flexible FIX to do that.

Supported Conditional Actions

When using a conditional action, you can use the following conditional actions:

  • Assign, to add a tag or set a value for the tag
  • Drop, to suppress the tag from the FIX message
  • Pass, to include the tag as is in the FIX message
  • Remap, to remap the input value from another tag to this tag

Using Conditional Actions

To perform an action based on a tag value:

  1. Locate the row in the Tag Rules section containing the Tag and Direction you want to modify, and click the Edit icon.

  2. From the Editing Tag Rule dialog, select the Conditional action.

  3. Select the number of input tag whose value you want to use as the basis for conditional actions.

  4. Click Add Row to specify a value and action.

  5. Enter the value of the input tag and complete the corresponding action. Also, specify the default action to use for other values in the tag.

    You can add more rows to assign different values to tag 1 (Account) based on different tag 207 (SecurityExchange) input values, similar to the following.

  6. Select the desired options.

    Based on the selected options in this case, Flexible FIX changes the value of the Account tag to HOUSE11N or adds the tag with this value to all New Order Single (D), Order Cancel Request (F), and Order Cancel/Replace (G) messages received from FIX clients whose tag 207 (SecurityExchange) value is CME before sending the messages to TT FIX Adapter. It also uses the same rules to change the value of the Account tag when tag 207 (SecurityExchange) is LME or ICE_IPE.