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Flexible FIX Administration Documentation

About Flexible FIX Symbology

A profile also allows you to define how Flexible FIX transforms messages between FIX clients and TT FIX Adapter that use different symbology sets for identifying instruments. It contains two main sections:

  • Symbology Defaults, where you specify the symbol formats that the FIX client uses, optionally per exchange and product type, and the symbology method to be used to specify and identify instruments in FIX Adapter. See the Component block: Instrument (FIX client request) section of the FIX Adapter Reference Manual for more details regarding these methods.

    These defaults will tell the Flexible FIX system how to translate symbology between the FIX Client and FIX Adapter by default.

  • Symbol Mappings, where you specify the product or contract level symbol mapping data. Price conversions, including strike price conversions, can be entered here as well.

By default, Flexible FIX disables FIX symbology. If you want to define and use a symbology translation, you must check the Enabled button in the Symbology tab.