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Copying Data

You can copy contract data from one FMDS server to another via the command line. If for any reason you have a gap in the data one FMDS server collects, you can use the database synching component (FMDSSyncData) to fill in that gap.

In this scenario:

  • The FMDS server that is missing data is referred to as the target
  • The FMDS server that has the needed data is referred to as the source

FMDSSyncData Options shows you all the commands available using this tool. The Procedures give you a step-by-step instructions:

  • FMDSSyncData Options

FMDSSyncData Options

FMDSSyncData is a command line tool used to transfer missing data from one FMDS server to another.

Tool OptionsResult

--source arg

source host in format "host:ttmd:service"

--target arg

target host in format "localhost:ttmd:service"

-t [ --timeout ] arg

amount of time in seconds to wait for a network timeout

-f [ --filter ] arg

contract filter in format "CME.G* Dec*.Future"

-s [ --start ] arg

start time of range

-e [ --end ] arg

end time of range

-r [ --resume ]

resume execution

-d [ --delete ]

delete previous saved progress


force deletion, will not ask for confirmation

-h [ --help ]

display this help message

-x [ --x ]

pause for debugger attach


  • These commands do not yet work in the Free Text window in the FMDS Management Console.
  • Time should be encased in quotes and in the following format: “YYYY-MMM-DD-min:sec:milliseconds”:
  • "2011-Sep-08 19:05:00.001"
  • "2011-Sep-08 19:05"
  • "2011-Sep-08" (midnight)
  • Procedures


Follow these procedures to copy data from one FMDS server to another:

  • Determining your Service number

To determine your Service number using FMDS Management Console:

  1. Open the FMDS Management Console window.
  2. Click the Connection tab.
  3. See the Service field.

You successfully determined your service number.

To determine your Service number using Administrative Tools:

  1. From your desktop, navigate to your Control Panel.
  2. Double-click the Administrative Tools.
  3. Double-click Services.
  4. Scroll to the TT FMDS Responder and look at the Path to executable field.

You successfully determined your service number.

  • Copying data

To copy data:

  1. Go to the target FMDS server.
  2. Click your Start menu and click Run.
  3. From the Run dialog box, type: cmd
  4. Click OK.
  5. At the command prompt:

If you are running 32-bit FMDS, navigate to: <root drive>:ttfmdsbin directory and press ENTER.

If you are running 64-bit FMDS, navigate to: <root drive>:ttfmdsbin64 directory and press ENTER.

  1. Type: FMDSSyncData and press ENTER.

The FMDSSyncData options appear. Refer to FMDSSyncData Options.

  1. Use the FMDSSyncData options to request the data you want to copy from the source FMDS server.

Example: To copy data from one FMDS to another, for CME contract GE11, for a 10 minute gap between 7:05 p.m. and 7:15 p.m. on September 8, 2011, type:

FMDSSyncData --source “” --target “” –f “CME.GE *11.Future” –s “2011-Sep-08 19:05” –e “2011-Sep-08 19:15”

  1. Wait for the synching service to end without error.
  2. Type: exit and press ENTER.

The command window closes.

You successfully copied data.