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Using the Data Management Module

Within the Data Management module, a toolbar lets you execute Data Management (FileMonkey) Commands. Each command will prompt you for input parameters and the command is then added to a scripting list area.

Each command may be executed individually or combined with other commands and executed as a group. Single or grouped commands added in the scripting area may be saved as a .fms script file for later use in the module or from a scheduling tool such as TT Chron.

The following buttons comprise the Data Management module:


Changes the view of the contracts in the left pane of the Data Management section.

Refer to Viewing the Contracts.

Shows commands you can create and run at your convenience.

Refer to:

Displays the details of a contract, including the schedule.

Refer to Displaying Contract Details.

Creates a new command list. Save your current list of commands before you click this button as it will clear the current list.

Opens a previously saved list of commands.

Saves the current list of commands.

Saves the current list of commands under a new name.

Opens the window you need to edit the selected command.

Deletes the selected command.

Moves the selected command up a row for better organization.

Moves the selected command down a row for better organization.

Runs the selected command.

Stops the selected command from running.