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Fundamental Analytics Documentation

Chart Display Options


Moving the mouse pointer over a line will display the values of the line in a pop-up window. Hovering over a year below the chart will highlight the line on the chart corresponding to that year.

Hide/Show Lines

Clicking on a year below the chart will remove the line for that year from the chart. Clicking on it again will redraw the line. Clicking on the “Show All” button just above the chart will display all years.


Hold the left mouse down, draw a box around a section of the chart, and release the mouse button to zoom to an area. The “Zoom to Dates” button at the top of the chart can be used to zoom to a particular time frame. The “Zoom Out” button will restore the chart to it’s original view.

Absolute Change

There are a series controls in a light blue font in the top, left-hand corner of the window. The second control is called “Functions.” Clicking on “Functions” displays an option for “Absolute Change.” Clicking on “Absolute Change” will modify the year-on-year display such that all lines start at zero and all of the values in the chart are absolute changes from the start.


All of the data in the chart can be displayed in a table format by clicking on the “Data” button at the top of the chart.


The “Library” button displays all of the saved charts in a particular module. Charts can be saved by typing a name in the “Save Name:” box and clicking the “Save” button.


Users may click the “Annotate” button to display the controls to draw lines, arrows, and text on a chart.