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GMEX Gateway Documentation

Initial Configuration

Time and Time Zone

Set the machine that hosts the GMEX Gateway to the London time zone (GMT) with Daylight Savings Enabled.

Changing Gateway Time and Time Zone


You must restart the Price and Fill Servers after changing the time settings in the aconfig_local.xml file.

If you decide to run the GMEX Gateway in another time zone, you must:

  • Run the GMEX Gateway in the other time zone with the daylight savings setting enabled for that time zone.
  • Adjust the times in ttchron.ini to match the time in which the GMEX Gateway runs.
  • Adjust times in Fill Server section of the aconfig_local.xml file.

Changing Gateway Times During a Trading Session

If you do have to change the gateway machine time or time zone during a trading session, you need to verify that the time and date match the Exchange’s time and date using the procedure titled, “Testing Fill Server Startup.


TT does not recommend changing the GMEX Gateway server time, date, or time zone during a trading session, as this will lead to duplicate fills containing different exchange times at startup. This may also lead to order quantities being incorrectly doubled in SOD records.

Configuring Aconfig Time Zone Parameters

You must pay close attention when configuring the time zone settings located in the Aconfig.Core.Server.Exchange-Specific.Exchange-flavor.Time.Zone directory. These settings directly impact price and fill server operation.

When resetting these parameters, you must restart both the Price and Fill Servers.


Failure to restart the Price and Fill Servers after changing the Aconfig time zone setting can result in missing fills.