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Guardian Documentation

Overriding Product Table Settings

You use the Setup Product Table Items dialog box to override product settings. To access this dialog box, click the Override button from the Product Table Setup.

Guardian has a bitmask that describes all fields an exchange provides. This bitmask is initially set by the Price Server and travels with the product tables to all workstations. The bitmask informs Guardian of all acceptable fields from the Price Server. At the time the Price Server starts up, the Guard Server compares each field value with the setting that is in the table. If they differ, Guard Server updates the table and distributes the change to all workstations. This bitmask informs Guardian of all fields that should be made Read Only in the product table. To modify such fields, use the Override button. The bitmask that you set with the Override button takes precedence over that from the Price Server.

Note: When incorporating override functionality, a pop-up warning displays stating that override changes will not be saved unless you publish those changes. To publish changes, click the Publish Now button on the message.

Warning: Call TT before overriding product table settings.