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Historical Fill Server Documentation

Create and Configure DSN Connections

By creating a DSN connection to the database, the HFS Configuration Client (HFS GUI) is able to connect to the database and can read gateway login information.

To create and configure a DSN connection:

  1. Open the SQL Server Management Studio.
  2. Right-click on the SQL Server and select Security.
  3. Under Server Authentication, select SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode.
  4. Close the SQL Server Management Studio.
  5. From the Windows Control Panel, double-click Administrative Tools.
  6. Double-click Data Sources (ODBC).

    The ODBC Data Source Administrator window displays.

    Note: If your Historical Fill Server is running on a Windows 7 64 bit machine, instead of accessing the ODBC Data Source Administrator through Administrative Tools, access it by going to the Control Panel and double-clicking on the icon called ODBC(32-bit).

    Alternatively you can navigate to the C:WindowsSysWOW64 directory and double- click on the odbcad32.exe file.

  7. Click the System DSN tab.

    The System Data Sources window displays.

  8. To create a new data source, click the Add button. The Create New Data Source window displays.

  9. From the Name list, select SQL Server and click the Finish click. The Create a New Data Source to SQL Server window displays.

  10. In the Name field, type TT_HFS_DATA.
  11. In the Server field, type or select the server name of the SQL Server that stores historical fills.
  12. Click the Next button. A new Create a New Data Source to SQL Server window displays to identify how your SQL Server should verify the authenticity of the login ID and the DSN connection.

  13. Select the With SQL Server authentication using a login ID and password entered by the user option.
  14. Select the Connect to SQL Server to obtain default settings for the additional configurations options option. The Login ID and Password fields are enabled.
  15. In the Login ID field, enter HFSAdmin or another allowed database user.
  16. In the Password field, type the password for the user. The default password for the HFS Admin is 12345678.
  17. Click the Next button.A new Create a New Data Source to SQL Server window displays whereby you specify the default database.

  18. If you have not renamed the database during installation, ensure TT_CENTRAL_DB is selected from the dropdown in the Change the default database to field.

    Note: If you renamed the database during installation, select that database name from the dropdown list.

  19. Ensure the Use ANSI quoted identifiers and Use ANSI nulls, paddings and warningsoptions are checked, and click the Next button. A new Create a New Data Source to SQL Server window displays whereby you specify if encryption is configured on your system.

  20. If you have encryption configured on your system, ensure the Use strong encryption for data field is checked.

    Note: All other fields should be unchecked.

  21. Click the Finish button. The ODBC Microsoft SQL Server Setup window appears and displays a list of the data you provided and allows you to test the database connection.

  22. Click the Test Data Source button. If your DSN is configured properly, you receive a message stating that the test was successful.

  23. Click the OK button.
  24. Click the OK button to close the ODBC Microsoft SQL Server Setup window. The new TT_HFS_DATA system DSN should now appear in the System DSN tab.

  25. Click the OK button. You have successfully created and configured a DSN connection.