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Historical Fill Server Documentation

Historical Fill Server Installation

Install Options

You may install HFS on the same machine as TT User Setup, X_RISK®, and your database. However, if your HFS is logged into many gateways in an active environment, installing on a dedicated server-class machine is recommended.

Historical Fill Server Installation

The following procedure illustrates the installation of the HFS.

To install Historical Fill Server:

  1. Double-click the HFS installation executable. A software security warning displays.

    Click the Run Button.

    The Historical Fill Server License Agreement window displays.

  2. To accept the license agreement terms and continue the installation, ensure the option labeled I accept the terms in the license agreement is selected, and click the Next button.
  3. Click the Next button.

    If a message displays indicating the detection of a newer Guardian version, click the Yes button to continue.

    The Installation Completed window displays.

  4. Click the Reboot Now button.

    You have successfully installed the HFS.