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Historical Fill Server Documentation

Pre-Installation Checklist

Before installing HFS, you must perform the following tasks:

  • Ensure SQL or MSDE is installed. This can be installed on the same machine as HFS or on another machine in your environment.
  • Ensure your machine has (at minimum) Windows XP operating system.
  • Ensure you have Windows Administrator permissions on the machine on which you’re installing HFS.
  • Ensure your machine has Microsoft .Net Framework 4.0. Ensure you have the appropriate HFS license.
  • Ensure your machine has Microsoft HotFix KB897667. This fix is desirable for products using ODBC.

    Failing to meet this requirement invokes the following error message:

    The installation has detected that a required Microsoft Windows 2003 Server hotfix patch # KB897667 is not installed on this server. Full details on how to obtain and install the hotfix may be found in TT Customer Advisory CA196-06 or by contacting TT Support.

  • If you are using TT User Setup to configure your Historical Fill Server login, ensure you are running TT User Setup 7.3.2 or higher. Configuring the HFS gateway logins in Windows User Manger instead of TT User Setup is still supported.

For various machine-sizing and operating system requirements, refer to TT Trading Systems - Hardware and Software Requirements Version 7.X.