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HKEx Gateway Documentation

Routing to the Exchange


You can connect to the HKATS platform by connecting to TTNET, establishing a proximity connection at your site, or setting up a co-location environment with the exchange.

Exchange-Provided Servers

The HKEx Gateway only supports order connectivity to the HKEx Central Gateways. Connections to the exchange Network Gateways are not supported.

Network Configuration - TTNET

Each TTNET customer needs to order their own order routing connectivity and deliver the lines to the TTNET location in Hong Kong. The Exchange/Vendor will invoice customers directly for the order connectivity related cost.

In the following diagram, prices and orders are routed through separate pairs of Central Gateways in the HKEx network to/from HKEx Gateways in TTNET’s primary and secondary data centers in Tokyo and Singapore, respectively.

Network Configuration - Proximity Connection

The co-location configuration requires a pair of Central Gateways in the exchange network.