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Trading Heating Oil/Gas Oil (HO-GO) Spreads


When trading a HO-GO spread, the Exchange requires traders to buy three (3) Heating Oil contracts for every four (4) Gas Oil contracts sold. In addition, the quantity should increase/decrease by 1 even though, at the Exchange, the actual rate of change equals four (4).

  • ICE HO-GO Spr”=3, -4, 1, 4
  • “IPE Gas Oil Crk”=4, -3, 1, 4

Configuring the HO-GO Spread

By default, ICE Gateways install with the following values configured in the [SpreadRatios] section of the hostinfo.cfg file:

These values allow traders to trade the spread without performing any additional calculations.


ICE Gateways install with correct values for trading the HO-GO spread. You should not change these default values.

However, TT may provide values for additional inter-product contracts that do not trade in a 1 to 1 ratio.