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Install Guide Documentation

Installation Procedure

Complete the following steps to either update an existing client application or perform a clean install on a workstation.

To install TT Update:

  1. Log into the workstation as an administrator.

    Note: This step is only required the first time you install TT Update.

  2. Verify that the workstation can access https://install.tradingtechnologies.com/public-files/index.html. The verification message displays in the browser.
  3. Download TT Update from the Download Center at https://download.tradingtechnologies.com/.
  4. Double-click the TT Update installer. TT Update performs the following:
    • Verify Internet connectivity
    • If no other TT software has been installed on the system, TT Update prompts you for the TT User Setup Server connection information.

    • Verify that the trading environment’s TT User Setup Server supports TT Update. In order to use TT Update, the TT User Setup Server in the environment must be version 7.17.20 or higher.

      Note: If these conditions are not met, TT Update prompts you to choose whether to recheck the conditions, continue with the installation even though the conditions are not met, or abort the installation.

    • Identify TT software that is installed on the local workstation.
    • Uninstall TT software that will be managed by TT Update.
    • TT Update launches the Install Manager.
  5. Enter your TT User Setup username and password in the Install Manager and click the Continue button.

  6. The Install Manager displays a list of available software for download for this user.

  7. Select the appropriate software and click the Download button.
  8. TT Update installs the software and starts the client application.

Note: You can double-click the desktop icon if you exit the Install Manager and need to resume the process.