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MiFID II Documentation

FIX Specification

Trading Technologies has modified its FIX specifications for the X_TRADER platform with additions and changes for the support of MIFID II. This document represents amendments to our existing production FIX specifications for both X_TRADER and TT platforms and is to be used along with TT’s production FIX specifications:

The specification incorporates TT’s analysis of the currently available exchange API specifications for MIFID II: ICE, Eurex, Euronext, IDEM, LME, LSE, MEFF and NASDAQ OMX. In addition, TT has analyzed the FIX Trading Community’s extension packs for MIFID II: EP 206, EP 222 and EP 228, and the AFME-FIX Hand-offs User Guide-V24.0.

Pre-release versions of TT's MIFID II Gateways and FIX Adapter are installed in our DDE single-broker environment. Please see our MIFID II FIX Guide to obtain access for testing.