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Migration Documentation

Planning an ASX NTP Migration

Summary: Points of Note/Major Differences

Note: Refer to the ASX NTP Migration Guide for details regarding the following changes:

  • ASX Market Data Protocol (ITCH) replaces FIX Market Data
  • TPS increase to 15 TPs from 12 TPs
  • No orders will be carried over from ASX Trade24 to ASX NTP
  • CTI code (1H/2C) has changed.  Changes are needed to hostinfo.cfg and/or Customer defaults.
  • Market closes after Friday Night Session at 8am Saturday 18th March - Cancel all GTC’s
  • Change to session phases: Removed 30 second leveling period.
  • Change to “Limit” order type behaviour change
  • New order type: “Market-to-Limit”
  • New & change to time conditions: FOK, IOC and Good til date.
  • User defined combinations replace custom market orders
  • Block trade messaging no longer exists
  • New electricity strip contracts
  • New packs and bundles contracts on 90 day Bank Bill. Contract code: IR
  • New bank bill butterfly spreads: listed under IR, not the exchange code FL
  • Implied prices changes
  • Workspaces need to be rebuilt due to new series keys
  • FFT2 reference change no longer available on filled orders, working orders can still be changed.