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Migration Documentation

Updating product limits with the new contract names prior to the migration weekend

Who What
TTUS Admin Perform the following steps below:
Overall steps:
  • Copy limits to new flavour gateway (SFE-C & D).
  • Amend product limits per filter.
Step 1: Copy limits to new flavour gateway (SFE-C & D)
  • In TT User Setup control panel, click | User Admin | Product Limits.
  • Filter Gateway column = SFE.
  • Click ‘Mass Copy to Other Gateway’.
  • In the 'Select Gateways' window that appears, highlight ‘SFE-C’ and click ‘Select’.
  • A ‘copying product limits' window appears, when this closes you will see SFE-C for the copied limits.
STEP 2: Amend product limits per filter, to the new contract names: Note: It is important to understand at this point, that you can only do mass edits when the ‘product type’, and ‘product’ columns include the same data.  This means that you will have to repeat the below process a few times:
  • In the TT User Setup control panel, click | User Admin | Product limits. 
  • Filter ‘Gateway’ = SFE-C ← make sure you select SFE-C, otherwise you will change their current production limits!
  • Filter ‘Prod Type’ = FUTURE.
  • Filter ‘Product’ = AP (or applicable code).
  • CTRL + A to select all records (all entries highlight in blue).
  • Right-Click and select Edit.
  • Click 'Ok' in the message that pops up saying that you are going to edit multiple accounts.  
  • In the 'Edit Multiple Product Limits' window, click the button shown below to bring up new contract codes:
  • Select the relevant code (e.g., XTYT).  Notice, there is no SFE in front of the new codes.
Repeat the above steps filtering on each different contract: Product (AP, XT, YT, IR, etc.) Product Type (Future, spread, options)