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NYSE Liffe Gateway Documentation

Configuring the Price Server Connection


When connecting to the exchange, the Price Server uses the information included in the MulticastGroups.cfg file to determine the correct IP address and port assignments for each product. For the Price API connection, the exchange does not require a unique ID or password.

By default, TT Gateways install with all Price API related parameters set to the correct values for a single NIC machine to receive all market data. Users only need to add credentials for the exchange Standing Data FTP and the Replay servers in the [PriceServer] section of the hostinfo.cfg file.

You may configure the [PriceServer] section to limit the amount of subscribed products as described in Limiting Product Subscriptions.

In addition, you may use the [PriceServer] section to configure multiple network interface cards (NICs) in your trading environment as described in Configuring Multiple NIC Setup.


You must properly configure a network route to the Retransmission, Refresh and FTP Servers. This includes allowing the servers access through any firewalls, routers, and/or switches throughout your network.

Failure to do so may result in missing and/or incorrect data.