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NYSE Liffe Gateway Documentation

Routing to the Exchange


You can connect to the Liffe and Euronext markets by either establishing a direct connection at your customer site or establishing connectivity via TTNET.

The exchange allows internet connection via VPN. However, due to the negative impact on gateway performance and the unreliable nature of internet connections, TT strongly recommends against connecting to the exchange via the internet.


You must properly configure a network route to the Retransmission, Refresh and FTP Servers. This includes allowing the servers access through any firewalls, routers, and/or switches throughout your network.

Failure to do so may result in missing and/or incorrect data.

Exchange Graphical User Interface

Liffe does not offer an exchange Graphical User Interface (GUI).

Exchange-Provided Servers

Unlike the LIFFE Connect platform, UTP does not require an exchange-provided gateway. All exchange-side servers, routers, and switches exist within the exchange SFTI network and are maintained by Liffe.

For a description of the exchange network, refer to Exchange API Interface.