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NYSE Liffe Gateway Documentation

Exchange Codes


You can add exchange codes to the [Order_Session_X] sections of the hostinfo.cfg file to determine which products route through that particular order session.

For additional information on load balancing across multiple order sessions, refer to Configuring Order Sessions.

Table of Exchange Codes

The following table contains a list of all applicable exchange codes.

Exchange Codes

Liffe Exchange Codes

The following is a list of available exchange codes:

  • A: Euronext Amsterdam Equity Products
  • B: Euronext Bruxelles Equity Products
  • C: Euronext Paris Cash Market
  • D: Euronext Bruxelles Cash Market
  • F: Euronext Bruxelles Index Products
  • G: Euronext Amsterdam Cash Market
  • H: Euronext Lisbon Cash Market
  • J: Euronext Paris Index Products
  • K: Euronext Amsterdam Index Products
  • L: London International Financial Futures Exchange
  • M: Euronext Lisbon Index Products
  • O: London Traded Options Market
  • P: Euronext Paris Equity Products
  • R: Euronext Amsterdam Commodity Products
  • S: Euronext Lisbon Equity Products
  • X: LIFFE Non-financial Products
  • Y: Euronext Paris Commodity Products
  • Z: Euronext Amsterdam Financial Products

Exchange Codes and Product Names

Historically, TT LIFFE CONNECT Gateways prepended LIFFE Non-financial products (X) with a lower case 'c'. For TT Gateways, the exchange code is no longer prepended on the product name.

This change affects the following products:

  • Cocoa (C)
  • Robusta Coffee (RC)
  • Raw Sugar Futures/Options (RSU)
  • Feed Wheat (T)
  • White Sugar (W)