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Block Trades


Note: This section relates to wholesale trades when using versions prior to 7.17. For information on trading wholesale trades using version 7.17, refer to the section located here.

Block trades are bilaterally-agreed, high volume trades in any outright or strategy product. Block trades have minimum volume thresholds which apply for each contract.

Supported Products

Currently, the exchange allows the following products for use in Block trades:

Available Products for Block Trades




Index and Equities

  • PSI 20
  • SSF


Financial Futures

  • Euroyen (TIBOR), Euroswiss, Euro (EURIBOR)
  • Eurodollar
  • One Month EONIA
  • Three Month EONIA
  • Short Sterling
  • Euro Swapnote
  • US Dollar Swapnote
  • JGB
  • Short, Medium and Long Gilt

Index and Equities

  • FTSE 100 Index
  • FTSE 250 Index
  • FTSE 100 Dividend Index
  • TOPIX Index
  • Pan-European Equity Indices
  • Universal Stock Futures

Options Contracts

  • FTSE 100 Index (ESX)
  • Individual Equity Options
  • CAC40 Index PXL
  • CAC40 Index PXA
  • Euronext Paris American Style Equity Options
  • Euronext Paris European Style Equity Options


Index and Equities

  • FTSEEurofirst 80 Index
  • FTSEEurofirst 100 Index
  • FTSE ERPA/NAREIT Europe Index
  • FTSE ERPA/NAREIT Euro Zone Index

The list above serves as a general guideline to the products which the exchange supports for wholesale trades. However, the exchange may impose additional restrictions and/or change the list of available products.

Users should obtain and consult the most current information related to Wholesale trades directly from the exchange.

Considerations and Restrictions

The exchange requires a minimum amount of contracts/lots for each Block trade. This minimum volume threshold level varies dependent on the contract. For example, many contracts require a minimum volume threshold of 500 lots.

In addition, when executing a block trade for a calendar spread in the same contract, each leg must meet the contract's minimum volume threshold. For example, if the contract requires at least a 500 lot order for a block trade, then a calendar spread in the same contract must equal at least 500 lots per leg for an aggregate amount of 1,000 lots or more.

Submitting a Block Trade

When submitting a Block trade, you must select the desired contract from the Market Grid. Once selected, X_TRADER automatically populates the Series, Month, and AMR fields with the appropriate data from the Market Grid.

You must populate the Trader field with the value of the ITM of the Order Session that will route the order.


Older versions of X_TRADER may populate the Trader field with the user Trader ID. If present, you must replace this value with the correct ITM when entering a Block trade.

You must populate the Price and Quantity fields to submit a Block trade. In addition, you must populate the Acc Code field.